Why Talegraph is no longer a free service… and it’s a good thing

Marie-Laure 31-05-2018 Version française

The time has come to launch “for real”

After one year of hard work, the time has finally come to launch Talegraph “for real”.

Until last week the site was still in beta and therefore completely free. At that time we were especially looking for user feedback. Also, implementing the payment module and workflow was a big effort and we prefered to focus on refining the product. And while there is a lot of work ahead of us (developing new features — videos coming really soon, fixing bugs, etc…) we feel that Talegraph is now ready to be used by everybody.

Today when you visit Talegraph you can see that there are two versions available (commonly called “freemium model”):

  • a free but basic offer, with limited options to try it out
  • a Premium plan with a subscription giving access to all the features.

Why we implemented a Premium version

At Talegraph we are two co-founders, working full-time on the site. Our values are not empty words: we commit ourselves to always provide for a quality service, respectful of our users.

When you pay for a service, it means that there are higher chances that it will be maintained since its creators (or developers) are able to dedicate their time to the project and fewer risks to see it discontinued, like it happened for so many websites over the years.

Let’s not forget something obvious here: creating a website costs money, so if it is free it means the money is coming from another source. It may be displaying ads or selling your personal data.

Unlike the Internet giants and their widespread practises, we refuse to display advertisement on Talegraph because it ruins the user experience. And by no means will we sell our users’ personal data, even on the free version! This is why we decided to finance the site’s development exclusively by the revenues it will generate and thus implemented a paid subscription that gives access to all the features of Talegraph.

For a more respectful Internet

As the (too) much debated GDPR has finally been introduced last week, we want more than ever to restore confidence in privacy, so that any user wishing to share private moments with their friends and family no longer fear that their personal data are going to be sold or used by third parties.

On Talegraph our users keep their pictures’ ownership and decide of the confidentiality level of their album (private by default).

As a service provider we strongly believe that we will get to a more respectful Internet by:

  • having a healthy business model that does not include displaying ads or selling users data
  • respecting privacy, letting the consumer choose the confidentiality level
  • “re-educating” users along the way to pay for the services they use on the web.

To sum things up

Don’t forget these three basic rules: - behind each website there are real people working - Internet is not a synonym for “free” - and if it’s free, then you’re the product!

If you’re curious, we invite you to try Talegraph out!

Your pictures tell a story, Talegraph helps you share it.

Try out Talegraph!