Why Talegraph is no longer a free service… and it’s a good thing

Marie-Laure 31-05-2018 Version française

The time has come to launch “for real”

After one year of hard work, the time has finally come to launch Talegraph “for real”.

Until last week the site was still in beta and therefore completely free. At that time we were especially looking for user feedback. Also, implementing the payment module and workflow was a big effort and we prefered to focus on refining the product. And while there is a lot of work ahead of us (developing new features — videos coming really soon, fixing bugs, etc…) we feel that Talegraph is now ready to be used by everybody.

Why did we create Talegraph?

Marie-Laure 28-02-2018 Version française

Renaud (my cofounder) and I have always been in touch with photography. When we were kids, we both played with disposable cameras, old film rolls, or empty camera bodies… The rare pictures which ended up being developed were put in boxes, not to be looked at in a while.