The simplest and fastest way to share your travel pictures

Want to create an album from your holiday pictures without spending hours on it?
Save time by using Talegraph! Create your detailed travel diary in a few clicks:
  • you can start editing from the very first minute
  • uploading your pictures is faster than on other sites
Easily customize your album to relate the best moments you experienced and share more than your pictures:
  • an intuitive interface will guide you all the way through
  • use simple tools to add text, captions, etc...
The famous Golden Gate bridge
San Francisco was awesome!

Your travel journal in 4 steps

  1. 1

    Choose your pictures

    Select all the pictures you want to add to your travel diary.
  2. 2

    Start editing immediately

    No need to wait for your pictures to be uploaded, you can start editing your album from the very first minute!

    On Talegraph your photos are automatically sorted out by date, which means you don’t have to sort them all by yourself.

    And if you wish to re-organize them, it’s easy: just drag and drop them where you want.

  3. 3

    Customize your album

    Add more pictures, change the theme, highlight the best moments and tell your adventure thanks to texts and captions…

    Premium members on Talegraph can also add videos to their album. A great way to animate your memories and make them more alive!

  4. 4

    Publish and share!

    Once you are pleased with the result, you can publish your travel journal and share it with your friends and family by e-mail or on the social networks.

Simple pricing

Want to benefit from all the features of Talegraph or simply curious to try it out?
In any case we guarantee you the respect of your privacy and no ads!

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  • 3 basic themes
  • Public or private albums
  • 200 MB storage

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  • Short Videos
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