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The new World Trade Center
New York was awesome!

Showcase your memories by organizing your pictures inside a very simple and intuitive interface.

Use the automatic sorting feature or structure your story yourself. You can add captions to the pictures and highlight your favorite moments. Then share your album with your friends and family.

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Your pictures tell a story, Talegraph helps you share it.

Their first dive into the pool

Your trip on the other side of the world

Like our journey to San Francisco

The day you both said "yes"

Simple, fast and secure: everything you need to share your pictures

Create your own story in a few clicks

On Talegraph a few clicks are all it takes to help you showcase your precious moments.

Use simple tools like chapters, texts, captions, and soon maps and weather to give life to your pictures.

What’s more: you can start working on your Tale while your pictures are still uploading.

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Privacy is the key

Once you are done editing your Tale, share it easily with your friends and family by email or on social networks.

According to your settings, your Tale will be visible by a few persons or by the whole world: it’s your choice!

The respect of your privacy also means that your personal data will never be sold to a third party.

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