About Talegraph

Who are we?

We are two entrepreneurs based in Paris with different but complementary skills. We love photography… and chocolate.



Co-founder, CEO
Marie-Laure graduated from ESSEC Business School and worked for several years in marketing. She is also a real Lego bricks fan!


Co-founder, CTO
Renaud started building web apps when he was a kid, and since then never stopped!

Why did we create Talegraph?

To share the numerous pictures we took over the years, we first used social networks and online galleries (Facebook, Picasa or Dropbox...). However after using these platforms for several years we felt they were still lacking something. Something that would prevent getting bored after looking at dozens of pictures: context.

What we find the most interesting in those pictures is the story that they tell.

Besides, on every social network or online sharing service you can’t always be certain that you will keep the ownership of your pictures and the ads are becoming more and more intrusive. So where do you find a platform you can trust?

Secure and Fast

We really worked hard on the technical aspects to ensure the platform would be the fastest and fluidest possible. Our goal is to reduce the time between the moment you shoot the pictures and the moment you share your album online. For example: on Talegraph once you select your images or drop them on to the screen, you are able to instantly start editing your Tale with the upload happening in the background. No more waiting hours for your pictures to be uploaded before organizing the album as you do on the other platforms. This is a significant advantage, especially for users with a slow Internet connection!

Another subject that really matters to us is privacy. First it means that there won’t be ads on our site, neither will we give or sell your personal data. We strongly oppose this kind of business model that damages user experience and nowadays instills more and more distrust on the web. Second, our users keep the ownership of their pictures and decide of the visibility of their album (private by default).

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